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Emergency contact

In an emergency, call Triple Zero "000" for attendance by police, fire or ambulance.

Non-urgent police assistance

For police assistance where there is no immediate danger or to report non-urgent crime call 131 444.

Note: Phone numbers at the AFP are currently being upgraded

趣赢电竞APPIf you experience any difficulties calling an area or an individual please contact the AFP switchboard on 02 5126 0000. The switch board operates:

  • Monday to Friday 7am – 8pm AEST
  • Weekends and Public Holidays 8am to 8pm AEST

Note: Calls to the switchboard may be recorded.

AFP assistance at a major Australian airport

For AFP assistance or to report suspicious activity at the 9 major Australian airports, call 131 AFP (131 237). The AFP currently provides policing services at the following major Australian airports:

  • Adelaide
  • Brisbane
  • Cairns
  • Canberra
  • Darwin
  • Gold Coast
  • Melbourne
  • Perth
  • Sydney

AFP assistance at a Defence, Diplomatic or Government establishment

For AFP assistance or to report suspicious activity at an establishment where the AFP provides a protective service function, including Defence, Diplomatic or Government Establishments call 131 AFP (131 237).

National Police Checks

Contact Criminal Records for National Police Check enquiries


Contact AFP National Media

AFP National Switchboard

If you have a general enquiry and do not require police assistance, please call the AFP's National Switchboard on (02) 5126 0000趣赢电竞APP. Hours of operation as follows:

  • Monday to Friday 7am to 8pm AEST
  • Weekends and Public Holidays 8am to 8pm AEST

趣赢电竞APPNote: Calls to the AFP Operations Coordination Centre may be recorded.

Reporting crime to the AFP for investigation – Law enforcement and Government

Australian Law Enforcement Agencies and Australian Government Agencies wishing to refer a matter to the AFP for investigation should contact the Operations Monitoring Centre (OMC) in the State or Territory where the suspected offence/s occurred.

Read more information about referring matters to the AFP including the AFP's referral form.

Location Address Phone
(excluding ACT Policing)
AOCC Client Liaison Team
GPO Box 401
Canberra ACT 2601
Ph: (02) 5126 0000

Northern Command
(Brisbane Office)
(Cairns Office)
(Darwin Office)

Northern Command OMC
PO Box 920
Spring Hill QLD 4004
Ph: (02) 5126 9025
Sydney Office
Coordinator OMC
Locked Bag A3000
Sydney South NSW 1232
Ph: (02) 5126 0000
Adelaide Office
Coordinator OMC
PO Box 200
Kent Town SA 5071
Ph: (02) 5126 9061
Melbourne Office
Coordinator OMC
GPO Box 485
Melbourne VIC 3001
Ph: (02) 5126 9160
Perth Office

Team Leader OMC
PO Box 586
West Perth WA

Ph: (02) 5126 0000 (AFP Switchboard)
Fax: (02) 5127 4811
Urgent After Hours AOCC Watchfloor Ph: (02) 5126 0000 (AFP Switchboard)

Referring a Commonwealth investigation to the AFP – General public

Members of the public wishing to refer a matter to the AFP for investigation should submit their enquiry through the AFP's Report a Crime趣赢电竞APP, or alternatively contact the Operations Monitoring Centre (OMC), in writing, in the State or Territory where the suspected offence/s occurred (listed above).

General enquiries – Law enforcement and Government

Organisation Phone
Australian Law Enforcement Agencies, Government Crisis Centre's & Watch Offices (02) 6126 7888
Australian Border Force (02) 6126 7788
Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (02) 6126 7133
Department of Immigration & Border Protection and Immigration Detention Facilities (02) 6126 7888
Other Commonwealth agencies (02) 6131 3000

General enquiries – Public

Enquiry type Phone
General Public enquiries (02) 5126 0000
Family Law Recovery Orders, Arrest Warrants and the Family Law Watchlist See Family Law Kit
Terrorism or National Security 1800 123 400 (National Security Hotline)
People Trafficking and Child Sex Tourism 131 AFP (131 237)
Cybercrime (including online abuse and threats, identity and financial fraud/theft, compromised accounts/systems, phishing, ransomware and malware)
Offensive content on the internet
Australians missing overseas 1300 555 135 (DFAT Consular Operations)

National Security Hotline

Read the AFP Annual Report 2018-19

The Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation

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